Secondary amenorrhea - treatment with folk remedies

A few years ago, one of the readers told her story. Her periods stopped, she did a pregnancy test, and it turned out to be positive. She did not want to interrupt the pregnancy. After a while, she felt sharp cutting pains in the lower abdomen and immediately went to the doctor. The diagnosis was disappointing, an ectopic pregnancy, and even the tube broke. The girl was immediately admitted to the hospital, the situation was serious, as the doctors said afterwards, she miraculously survived, but the menstrual cycle has since been disrupted, or rather the menstrual period did not come.

Throughout the whole year, nothing has changed. As a result, the doctor determined amenorrhea, that is, when menstruation does not go. This certainly upset the woman, because at that time she was only 32 years old and she did not have children yet, but she really wanted to. Moreover, there was hope for one intact fallopian tube. The doctor, seeing the depressed state of the woman, hinted that it would be nice to drink a decoction of thyme and chamomile for a month. Within one month, the woman drank such a decoction, and thirty days later her menstruation began. The composition of the decoction is this: dry thyme and dried chamomile flowers take a tablespoon. Add to them half a liter of boiling water and leave for half an hour. Take one glass in the morning and evening.

Herbal Amenorrhea Treatment

Usually, with a diagnosis of amenorrhea (lack of menstruation), traditional medicine offers hormone treatment, but there is another way to treat this ailment.

The first treatment option. Take the root of the cuff ordinary and grind, collect the resulting two tablespoons and add a liter of boiling water to them. Leave for two hours, then boil for twenty minutes and pass through cheesecloth or strainer. To collect a bath with a temperature of thirty-six - thirty-seven degrees, and add the composition there. Take overnight. And so do for two weeks. If necessary, wait a week, and then again two weeks.

The second composition. Add three tablespoons of parsley leaves to three cups of hot water. Leave overnight, and in the morning pass through a strainer or gauze. Then take the solution four times a day in half a glass half an hour before a meal. The treatment period is three weeks, then a week of rest, followed by a repeat of admission.

Onion peel amenorrhea treatment

A good remedy for getting rid of amenorrhea has already been tested more than once. A remedy is made from onion husks, from which you need to make a decoction in the Russian stove. He was advised by Vanga, the same healer from Bulgaria. It is necessary to remove the husk from two kilograms of onions and boil in three liters of water to such an extent until it turns red. The resulting product should be taken in the morning and evening, one small coffee cup.

How to treat amenorrhea with folk remedies

The treatment of this disease, although long, but almost always ends in complete recovery. The main thing is that it be launched in a timely manner. In addition, the treatment of the disease should be comprehensive. In addition to the traditional treatment, which involves taking medications, traditional methods of therapy are widely used.

Remedies from medicinal plants will help to establish the functioning of the female reproductive system. Undoubtedly, folk remedies are effective and efficient. But in no case should you neglect the recommendations and prescriptions of a doctor.

In addition, it is not recommended to self-medicate or for some reason replace traditional medicine with non-traditional.

If you want to get rid of this pathology and feel the joy of motherhood in the future, take the medicine your doctor prescribes. Before using any other remedy, always consult your doctor. Only in this way can you defeat the disease.

The healing power of viburnum

Take 500 milliliters of olive oil, combine it with 200 g of crushed viburnum berries. It is advisable to use a pusher to grind. So you can save all the healing properties of the plant. After mixing the ingredients, let the product brew for two weeks. Then filter and consume several tablespoons of the medicine twice a day: in the morning - on an empty stomach and in the evening - before bedtime. The course of treatment is three months, at least.

Parsley helps restore the menstrual cycle

Put a glass of fresh parsley in an enameled saucepan, pour a liter of water, and then boil for thirty minutes. Allow the product to infuse for several hours. The prepared broth must be divided into several receptions and drunk per day. It is necessary to be treated in such a way within sixty days. After this course, the volume of the drug is reduced by half. The duration of treatment is 6 months.

Cooking healing composition

This medicine helps to normalize the menstrual cycle. Take twenty nuts (almonds), chop. Then finely chop the leaves of pink geranium and hawthorn flowers, squeeze the juice of four lemons. Combine all the components and add to this mixture grams of camphor powder, ten drops of peppermint oil and tincture of valerian, not more than a spoon. Eat seven grams of the composition a couple of times a day.

Treatment fees restore sexual function

  1. You will need: nettle, Amur velvet roots, shepherd’s bag, licorice, bird highlander. All components must be thoroughly crushed and dried. A couple of spoons of the plant mixture is poured with a liter of water. Place the container on the stove and boil until a third of the water boils. The broth should be infused for at least two hours. Drink a spoonful of medicine four times a day. The duration of the treatment course is fourteen days.
  2. In equal proportions, it is necessary to mix nettle, roots of Rhodiola rosea, wormwood, anise, viburnum (dried berries), rhizome of the leuzea, cuff and thyme. Finely chop and brew the plant mixture in 500 milliliters of boiled water. The product should be infused for seven hours, preferably in a thermos. Filter and drink a quarter cup of infusion twice a day. The course of therapy is 6 months.

Preparation of medicinal decoctions

  1. Take mountain ash and nettle, finely chop the ingredients, and then fill the raw material with 500 milliliters of water. Boil over low heat for fifteen minutes. Leave to brew for four hours. Drink half a cup of broth before meals. Receptions should be at least three.
  2. Pour onion peel with three liters of water. Cook until the water turns red-brown. Cool and filter. Drink 100 milliliters of medicine in the morning and evening.
  3. Grind dried drupe leaves to a powdery consistency. Pour the raw materials with a glass of water, bring to a boil. Drink the prepared broth in two doses, preferably immediately after waking up and before you go to bed.
  4. Combine the onion peel with the ground cloves. Boil the product for fifteen minutes. Drink half a cup of broth at least three times a day.
  5. Take the roots of the forest mallow, chop finely. Then chop the onion and, combining it with the rhizome of the mallow, pour a liter of water. Bring to a boil, then leave to brew. Add cloves to the broth, not more than ten grams and a few grams of ammonia powder. Boil for another five minutes. Filter, drink a quarter cup a few days before the expected onset of menstruation.

Spiced tincture

Spicy cloves, cinnamon, saffron need to pour vodka. The remedy must be insisted for three weeks. Take 15 drops diluted in a spoonful of milk. The duration of the treatment course is three weeks.

Often, for the treatment of amenorrhea, it is recommended to take special baths. The roots of the cuff are taken, crushed, and then brewed in a liter of water and infused for two hours. As soon as you draw hot water into the bath, add the cooked broth to it. The duration of water procedures is 15 minutes. It is recommended to take such baths every day, preferably before going to bed. The duration of treatment is three weeks.

In a three-liter saucepan, place 300 grams of pine branches, pour water and boil for thirty minutes. Leave the product to infuse for three hours. Take ginger, chop finely, fill with water and bring to a boil. Infuse this broth for an hour. Add both decoction and arborvitae essential oil (about a spoon) to the bathtub filled with hot water. Take a healing bath for at least fifteen minutes. The duration of the course is two weeks.

You must understand that only treatment, whether it is traditional or folk, to achieve positive results will be difficult if you eat incorrectly, are overweight and addictions.

Watch your body and take care of yourself. If the last menstruation was more than three months ago and you are definitely not pregnant, do not breast-feed, immediately seek the help of a gynecologist.

Treatment of amenorrhea with folk remedies

Amenorrhea is a fairly common problem that occurs in many women.

To cope with the pathology, it is very important to establish the causes of its appearance. To do this, contact a specialist.

At home, amenorrhea is often treated with folk remedies. However, before starting such therapy, you should still consult a gynecologist.

The essence of the disease

Many are interested in what is amenorrhea in women. Under this term, it is understood to be a violation of menstrual function, in which there is no menstruation for 6 months or more.

Most often, this ailment is a sign of genetic, physiological, emotional disorders.

With false amenorrhea, all cyclic and hormonal processes remain normal. In this case, the absence of menstrual flow is caused by an anatomical obstruction.

With the true form of pathology, there is no ovulation. In such a situation, the answer to the question of whether it is possible to become pregnant with amenorrhea will be negative.


There is primary and secondary amenorrhea.

In the first case, the diagnosis is given to girls who have never had menstruation. The reasons for this violation are very difficult to determine.

Most often, it is caused by a violation of the functions of the thyroid gland, since it is this organ that produces the hormones necessary to regulate the cycle. In addition, disturbing the functioning of the nervous system or ovaries are provoking factors.

The secondary form of the disease means the termination of menstruation. This condition can be a consequence of natural causes - pregnancy, lactation, the abolition of hormonal contraceptives.

Secondary amenorrhea is often associated with poor nutrition, stress, and medication. Sometimes the pathology is due to the development of malignant lesions.

In addition, such varieties of amenorrhea are distinguished:

  1. Physiological - the absence of menstruation may be associated with pregnancy, lactation, the onset of menopause. In adolescents, a situation often arises when the duration of amenorrhea is 2-12 months within 2 years after the first menstruation.
  2. Pathological - in this case we are talking about the absence of menstruation and other manifestations of puberty up to 14 years. There are also situations where girls have other symptoms of puberty, but menstruation is absent - in this case, the pathology is diagnosed after 16 years. In addition, this diagnosis is made if there is no menstruation for 3 consecutive cycles.

There are a number of provoking factors:

  • Ovarian diseases - genetic pathologies, abnormalities in the development of the uterus and ovaries, ovarian exhaustion syndrome, tumor formations.
  • Other pathologies - in particular, endocrine gland diseases.
  • Problems with patency of the vagina and uterine cavity.
  • Stressful situations.
  • Strong weight loss.
  • Cancellation of oral contraceptives, diabetes mellitus, the use of certain drugs, increase or decrease the activity of the thyroid gland.
  • Asherman's Syndrome.
  • Endometritis of a specific origin.
  • Clinical picture

    The main manifestation of the disease is the absence of menstruation.

    However, in addition to this, there are other symptoms:

    • difficulty conceiving
    • vegetative manifestations - increased sweating, increased heart rate,
    • overweight - observed in about 40% of cases,
    • problems in the adrenal gland or thyroid gland,
    • Symptoms of an excessive amount of androgens - these include acne, an increase in oily skin, the appearance of excess hair on the body.

    General principles of therapy

    How to treat amenorrhea? To cope with the pathology, it is very important to choose a comprehensive therapy. For a long period of time, doctors prescribe hormone replacement treatment, which helps restore the ovaries.

    Most often used Duphaston. If a woman cannot become pregnant, she can be prescribed non-steroidal anti-estrogen drugs - in particular, Clomiphene, which leads to stimulation of the ovaries.

    In addition to standard therapy, homeopathy is often used. Such drugs are especially effective if the onset of the ailment is caused by stressful situations, fatigue, diets.

    To normalize the cycle, usually prescribed drugs such as Remens, Mastodinon, Cyclodinone.

    Folk methods

    Herbs with amenorrhea are usually used if the ailment is caused by inflammation or psycho-emotional stress. Anti-inflammatory drugs include decoctions and infusions of chamomile, St. John's wort, and celandine. Sage, a string, and eucalyptus are also often used.

    To strengthen the immune system, honey and other products are used - royal jelly, pollen. If amenorrhea is a consequence of stress, soothing herbs are indicated - valerian, hops, mint.

    So, the following are the most effective means for the treatment of this disorder:

  • Take 3 tablespoons of parsley, place in a thermos, add 700 ml of boiling water and leave for 12 hours. Strained infusion to drink 100 ml 4 times a day. This should be done half an hour before meals. Such therapy lasts 3 weeks, after which they take a break for 7 days and conduct treatment again.
  • Common cuff root grind with a grater. Take a couple of tablespoons of this product and add 1 liter of boiling water. Leave for 2 hours to insist, put on a small fire and cook for 20 minutes. Strained product can be used for bathtubs. The duration of the procedure is 15-20 minutes. It is carried out for 2 weeks, then they take a break for 7 days and repeat the therapy again.
  • Onion peel is considered a very effective remedy.. To prepare a useful product, you need to peel 2 kg of onions. Then pour the resulting husk 3 liters of boiling water and cook over low heat until the broth turns dark. Ready to take 100 ml 30 minutes before a meal. You need to do this 2 times a day.
  • Grind with a meat grinder 1 large lemon with peel, add sugar to it and consume 1 dessert spoon three times a day. Instead of lemon, you can use orange.
  • Grind 1 raw onion and mallow root. Then mix 8 large tablespoons of onion gruel with 1 root of mallow. The resulting composition pour 2 liters of boiling water and cook for 25 minutes. Add 10 g of cloves and 5 g of ammonia powder to the product. Cook for another 5 minutes. The filtered composition should be taken in 50 ml for 3 days before the expected menstruation.

  • Grind dried garlic to powderthen add cocoa butter to the resulting mass to get a rather thick consistency. Form balls from the mixture that are recommended to be inserted into the vagina. Instead of cocoa butter, you can use honey or water.
  • Take 1 large spoon of horse sorrel, put in a thermos and pour 250 ml of boiling water. Leave for a couple of hours. Filtered drink 2 large spoons 3 times a day. To improve the taste of the drink, you can put in a little honey.
  • Take a tablespoon of juniper cones and the same number of shredded branches of this plant. The resulting composition is mixed with 1 liter of boiling water and cook for 5 minutes on low heat. Take in small portions throughout the day. This tool is contraindicated in people with impaired renal function.
  • The boron uterus with amenorrhea allows you to restore the balance of hormones. In addition, this plant contains zinc, vitamin C, manganese, saponins, and therefore has a calming effect on the nervous system.

    To cope with the disease, you can make a decoction or infusion:

    1. Take 1 tablespoon of herbs, mix with 250 ml of boiling water and cook over low heat for 5-10 minutes. After 3-4 hours, strain. Drink the resulting product 4-5 times a day, 1 large spoon.
    2. Take 5 tablespoons of dry raw materials, add 500 ml of vodka and insist 3 weeks in a dark place. The composition should be shaken periodically. Then it is recommended to strain and take it three times a day 1 hour before a meal. A single dose is 15-30 drops.

    Power Features

    In order for the treatment of amenorrhea to be effective, you must definitely control your diet.

    In this case, the diet directly depends on the causes of the pathology. If its development is associated with starvation, it is very important to take high-calorie foods. If the cause is Itsenko-Cushing's disease, the diet should be limited.

    Nutrition must be complete. Therefore, it is important to include in the diet the required amount of proteins, carbohydrates, fats, minerals and vitamins. Thanks to this, it will be possible to normalize metabolic processes and cope with hormonal disorders.

    Equally important is the normalization of body weight. Restore the cycle will not succeed with low weight or obesity.

    To normalize metabolic processes, it is very important to improve liver function. To do this, you will have to exclude bad habits - smoking and drinking excessive amounts of alcohol. If the cause is anemia, it is helpful to take a hematogen.

    Vitamin therapy is of great importance.. With amenorrhea, it is especially useful to take vitamins B2 and B6. In case of imbalance in hormones, it is important to consume foods that contain estrogens, folic acid, and vitamin E.

    To increase the level of estrogen, it is worth consuming legumes, apricots, and flax seeds. They are in bread with bran. It is also helpful to drink 1 cup of coffee per day.

    To supplement the deficiency of vitamin E, it is worth consuming greens, dried fruits, nuts. Folic acid is found in cabbage, asparagus beans, and lentils. It is useful to eat beets, pumpkins, carrots.

    With the development of amenorrhea, it is very useful to include black chocolate in the menu, which contains flavonoids. In their characteristics, they are very reminiscent of estrogen. Thanks to the consumption of chocolate, it will be possible to normalize blood circulation and release dopamine.

    Yoga for amenorrhea

    To normalize the menstrual cycle, it is useful to use Chinese gymnastics. Yoga perfectly strengthens reproductive functions, increases the fertile period and normalizes the balance of hormones.

    Inverted asanas and twisting in them are of particular benefit. In this case, blood circulation in the pelvic organs changes, stagnant processes are eliminated. This helps to cope with chronic inflammation of the genitourinary system and cycle disorders.

    The most effective asanas include Sarvangasana, Viparita-Karani Mudra, Adho-Mukha Shvanasana. However, special attention should be paid to Halasana, which activates the functioning of the liver and reduces the synthesis of estrogen.

    This is important in the second phase of the cycle, because an increased level of this hormone prevents the normal appearance of menstruation.

    Preventive actions

    Prevention of pathology is to maintain the right lifestyle. For this, it is very important to eat balanced, systematically perform physical exercises, eliminate stress and control body weight. It is also very important to regularly visit a gynecologist.

    If there are concomitant pathologies of the nervous or endocrine system, it should be observed by a neurologist and endocrinologist. A prerequisite for women's health is regular sex life.

    Amenorrhea is a fairly common phenomenon, which may indicate the development of various pathologies. To cope with the disease, you should establish the causes of its occurrence. To do this, you should consult a doctor on time.

    As an addition to the main therapy, you can use effective folk remedies.

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    The history of treatment of amenorrhea with Elizabeth’s medicines, 25 years old

    I want to share my own experience in treating this disease. I have always been a “dummy” and, of course, tried to fight excess weight. She began to lose weight with the help of strict diets, for example, with her “beloved”. She later discovered Ducan (Ducan's green smoothie and diet). Started playing sports, in particular running. Read what are the requirements of the Dukan diet.

    After a couple of months of such stress on my body, my periods disappeared. But I decided to go to the gynecologist only after 4 months. After the examination, I was referred to an endocrinologist, and he wrote out a referral for inpatient treatment. True, not about amenorrhea, but in another way - I suffer from a chronic illness and regularly undergo examination and therapy.

    In the hospital, I continued to lose weight, despite the fact that the menstruation did not start. There, local doctors tried to dissuade me from trying to lose weight, they even sent me for a consultation with a therapist. After consulting with him and an additional one with a gynecologist, I was prescribed Utrozhestan for a course of 7 days, as well as Femoston for three months. In this case, a prerequisite was the rejection of the diet and attempts to lose weight. I had to start eating right and balanced.

    However, even with the help of drugs, treatment of amenorrhea was inconclusive, menstruation did not come. In addition, it was extremely difficult for me to gain body weight. Especially there were a lot of psychological problems. By the time I started treatment, I had lost about 13 kilograms and was very worried that I would become fat again. Therefore, I began to eat more, especially those products that I had previously banned. But even more intensely began to play sports.

    The realization that I needed to switch to proper nutrition came to me quite slowly. In the summer, I went to my grandmother’s village and started eating a lot of meat, eggs, fruits, dairy products. Also engaged in aerobic exercises. On arrival home, my periods went. First in the last two years! At the same time, I continued to drink Femoston.

    The menstrual cycle did not improve right away. The next menstruation came in 18 days, then there was a break for two months and gradually over the course of the year I entered the normal “schedule” - once every 27-30 days.

    After this incident, I carefully monitor my diet, I do not allow rigid diets and exhausting sports. Yes, I gained a little weight, but I look fit and athletic, and women's health problems in the past.

    How amenorrhea was treated with folk remedies Olga, 29 years old

    On a nervous basis, my periods disappeared. When the delay was more than six months, I decided to see a doctor. He diagnosed with secondary amenorrhea. I have been prescribed vitamin E, folic acid, and treatments by a physical therapist.

    After a month of treatment, the menstrual cycle did not improve and the menstruation did not come. The doctor said that we should switch to hormonal treatment. But I was terribly afraid to take hormones, I was afraid that they would not affect other body systems. Therefore, I decided to try first folk treatment and, if it does not help, go to the "heavy artillery" of hormones.

    I consulted with a familiar herbalist woman. She advised me how to treat amenorrhea with folk remedies. I bring her recipes:

      Tincture of Rhodiola. For cooking, I took the roots of Rhodiola rosea and chopped them. About 50 grams of roots were poured with 500 grams of vodka. The mixture was insisted for two weeks in a dark container in a cool place. You need to take medicine for 10-20 drops, diluted in a small amount of boiled water. The number of daily meals - three times 30 minutes before meals. I drank this infusion for three months.

    Herbal decoction. This is a treatment fee to restore women's health in the complex. To prepare it, you need to take one part of the roots of Amur velvet, nettle, shepherd’s bag, licorice, grass of the mountaineer. All components must be crushed and dried. Fill a couple of tablespoons of raw materials with a liter of hot water and put on fire. Tomim broth until the liquid decreases by a third. Remove from the stove and insist for an hour. We filter and drink a tablespoon three times a day. Duration of admission is 14 days.

  • Spiced tincture. Equal shares of cloves, cinnamon and saffron pour vodka in a dosage of one part of the spices to three parts of alcohol. We seal the container tightly and leave to insist for twenty days in a warm place. Filter the tincture and drink it with milk: ten drops of tincture per tablespoon three times a day. The recommended course is three weeks. You can drink these herbal remedies at the same time, alternating receptions - it will not be worse. Two months after the regular use of these herbal preparations, my menstrual cycle resumed.

  • The story of the treatment of amenorrhea with the help of the bathtubs of Julia, 34 years

    After a difficult birth, my periods did not occur for three months before I decided to turn to this gynecologist with this problem.

    They decided to induce menstruation with Dufaston and physiotherapy with a laser (they drove in the uterus). After this, ten more heating procedures with ozokerite were prescribed. As a result, a month later, menstruation appeared, but very poor. Anointed a couple of days and then again for another two months.

    Further treatment was continued with Yarin. Only a year later, menstruation recovered, but still were irregular and meager.

    At the hospital, the attending physician advised me to supplement the treatment with alternative methods and start taking healing baths. The following compounds were recommended to me:

      Bath with cuff root. One root of the plant needs to be chopped and filled with boiling water (one liter). The composition is infused for two hours. After this, the mixture is filtered and poured into a prepared bath with a water temperature of about 37 degrees. Bath time - up to half an hour.

    Pine bath. Pour half a kilogram of pine needles into a three-liter pan and boil it for 30 minutes. After this, we infuse the broth for a couple of hours. At the same time, we grind one hundred grams of ginger root and pour it with a liter of hot water. Boil over a quiet fire for 30 minutes. After that, we insist another 40 minutes. In a bath with a water temperature of up to 38 degrees, pour both broths and add a teaspoon of arborvitae oil. The time spent in the bath is half an hour.

  • Cocoa bath. Take two hundred grams of cocoa and simmer for 20 minutes over low heat. After that, we insist another 30 minutes. Pour the mixture into the previously prepared bath. You can also add a few drops of peppermint essential oil to the water.

  • All these recipes for therapeutic baths have no contraindications and can alternate. I took a new bath every day before going to bed.

    They perfectly calm the nervous system. And, maybe, from the fact that I calmed down, or maybe they really are so healing, but after a month of such medical procedures, I began normal periods (not a daub, as before), and after that the cycle finally returned to normal.

    How Valeria, 20 years old cured amenorrhea with physiotherapy

    I was given secondary amenorrhea two years ago after my periods stopped due to an injury. I skated, fell and hit the tailbone hard.

    I went to the gynecologist's appointment, he sent for an ultrasound. I have identified an infantile uterus. They said that, obviously, menstruation stopped because of this. I started treatment with hormonal drugs and lost 4 kilograms sharply: I weighed 51, I became 47 with an increase of 1.61 meters.

    I drank three courses of hormone therapy: 15 days on estrogen and 7 days on progesterone. Then a break for two months and again treatment according to the same scheme.

    I started to eat everything I wanted, limited myself only to fatty and too high-calorie foods. I went in for sports as much as I could. But the weight did not increase, and the menstruation did not resume. Then I stopped drinking hormones and switched to a more “gentle” treatment. I took Remens on my own.

    Later, I consulted a physiotherapist, and he advised me to undergo a course of medical procedures. In general, I started with galvanic current. It was used in combination with drugs, in particular calcium, and had to act on the hypothalamus in order to activate the functions of the ovaries.

    I also took a massage course in the “collar” zone. To be honest, the choice of the massage zone surprised me, but the doctor said that this way you can achieve maximum relaxation and stress relief from the whole body.

    In addition, I was assigned to put vaginal mud swabs. The procedure is terribly unpleasant, but useful.

    After I underwent a course of treatment with a physiotherapist and adjusted my diet, I had my first periods. I had never before been so happy about their arrival. The course was adjusted for some time, but fully recovered after 3-4 months.

    How to get rid of amenorrhea without hormones Vlad, 42 years old

    I want to draw the attention of women to the fact that, no matter how much you harm your body earlier, there is always a chance to regain health. The main thing is your desire to be strong, healthy. Agree to this, and the body is able to work miracles and heal itself. I was convinced of this from personal experience.

    In the past, I am a professional athlete. The whole conscious life dragged heaviness in the gym and did not spare herself for a minute. While things were going well in sports, there was no question of any “female” dreams like a family, kids. Everything was postponed until later, including women's health. During training camps and competitions, I did not notice that the menstruation went extremely irregularly, the cycle was constantly getting off.

    As a result, by the age of 30, I developed persistent secondary amenorrhea. Menses stopped completely. I dare to admit that, due to stupidity, this fact even partially pleased me: fewer problems at competitions, and then, I thought, I would heal. So a couple of years have passed. Several times during this time I had a "daub", but the cycle did not resume.

    When at 33 I finally decided to tackle the problem of the absence of menstruation closely, I had a whole bunch of health problems added to the amenorrhea, so I had to look for a comprehensive solution.

    Long trips to doctors, tests, hormones began. Some problems were solved, but menstruation did not work out completely. They appeared, but were extremely irregular. In addition, the following difficulty was added - I wanted to get pregnant.By that time I had left sports, began to train, the load on the body decreased, the rhythm of life became less active, so my husband and I decided ... But it wasn’t there.

    It turned out that my uterus refused to work at full strength, the ovaries also weakened, and after several consultations I heard a recommendation to do IVF or even forget about the possibility of independent conception. Being a fighter by nature, this state of affairs did not suit me. I decided to fight what there is strength for my future and to study the question of how to treat amenorrhea without hormones.

    Firstly, I began to establish a diet. At that time, I was very thin because of nerves. My daily menu included at least 30 grams of fat from various sources: meat, milk, butter. The minimum calorie content of meals per day was at least 1,500 calories. My BMI was initially at the lower limit of the norm, but then it began to grow and reached its optimal levels in just a couple of months of proper nutrition.

    In addition, I began to drink herbal remedies. I prepared the collection of the red brush and the uterus in the ratio 1: 1. I poured a spoonful of herbs with 250 grams of boiling water and insisted for a couple of hours, and then drank 1/3 cup before eating three times a day. In this case, it is extremely important not to take hormones at the same time. Also, they should not be consumed for at least two weeks after a course of treatment with plants.

    And another method I was advised by the woman in the consultation, who once also suffered from amenorrhea, and then became a twin mother. The drug for the treatment of amenorrhea is quite non-standard - this is geranium oil. It must be clean, without any chemical impurities. It is recommended to buy it at the pharmacy.

    In this case, you need to remember the date when you last had your period (even if it happened the last time two years ago). For example, 10 numbers. 3-4 days before this date, you need to drip a couple of drops of oil under each armpit. Thoroughly smear the product on clean skin. Rub it is not necessary. Be careful - do not apply a lot of oil, otherwise it is fraught with inflammation of the glands and a violation of the hormonal background. This is a fairly powerful tool, be careful with it.

    At the same time, we continue to drink herbal infusions. If no periods come during the week, drink broths and repeat the procedure with geranium oil next month in the same numbers.

    I also added more vitamins to the menu, drank special complexes, and ate a lot of fruits.

    From the first month I have not had a miracle. But after three months of such therapy, backed up by faith in my own strength, I went on my first normal period for many years. Within six months, the cycle was restored and a year later I became pregnant. To say that my gynecologist was in shock is to say nothing. Now I am the mother of three wonderful boys.

    Tansy with amenorrhea

    One of such folk remedies used for amenorrhea is tansy, which, due to its properties, is able to restore menstruation.

    Tansy, amenorrhea can often disappear after the use of this herbal preparation, namely its inflorescences. For a couple of centuries, when medicine was practically not developed, women suffering from the absence of menstruation used infusions of tansy inflorescences, which led to the restoration of menstruation. Do not get involved in it, but if taken correctly and cooked correctly, the cycle will recover very quickly. This is due to the fact that the drug helps to reduce the muscle layer of the uterus, which leads to endometrial rejection and the appearance of menstruation. If the delay in menstruation exceeds a week and you should no longer get involved in this method, but you need to consult a doctor. After all, traditional medicine can compensate for disorders in the body associated with physical, psychoemotional factors, or with nutritional factors. In all other cases, self-administration of traditional medicine will not give the desired result.

    Sage, amenorrhea and lack of ovulation

    Sage - its plant properties are used not only among older people to normalize the functioning of the nervous system, but also among young people it helps to normalize not only mental, but also physical performance, helps to eliminate depression, stress, nervous shocks and feelings.

    Amenorrhea: sage, with regular and prolonged use, can restore the menstrual cycle, as its properties increase the production of gonadotropins - follicle-stimulating and luteinizing hormones, as well as the level of estrogen and progesterone in a woman's blood normalizes. This allows not only to restore menstruation, but also contributes to the favorable conception and bearing of the child. Due to the natural estrogens contained in it, it is possible to normalize the hormonal imbalance in a woman's body and return it to a normal state. In this case, the function of the ovaries is stimulated and the release of an egg capable of fertilization occurs.

    Sage with amenorrhea can be used in several ways:

    • take sage leaves, grind them well and pour a teaspoon in a glass of boiled water, insist until completely cool, strain and drink in small sips before eating in the morning and evening. Its reception should be discussed only with the attending physician, since self-administration often leads to irreversible consequences, which can hardly be compensated.

    Its properties are associated with the effect on the production of pituitary hormones, which leads to the development and functioning of the follicular apparatus, and also due to its relaxing and sedative properties on the nervous system, its use effectively affects the nervous system under stress or emotional overstrain, which helps normalize the level of hormones in the body.

    Oregano with amenorrhea

    Another of the traditional medicine, widely used among women of reproductive age, is oregano with amenorrhea. The second name known among the population is the motherboard, a plant that is widely used for various gynecological pathologies, including amenorrhea.

    With amenorrhea, oregano is indicated to normalize cyclic processes in the body with hormonal disorder leading to amenorrhea, and helps to restore menstruation. In ancient times, it was used as tea in the absence of menstruation or their long delays. Having a lactotropic effect - it is also widely used to stimulate lactation and improve the condition of the body during menopause.

    For its use, the whole plant is collected, dried and ground, and then 1 tbsp. l Oregano steamed with a glass of boiling water, insist until completely cooled, strain and drink 30 minutes before meals three times a day for 50-100 ml. In addition to the above properties, it also has a calming, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effect.

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